Positive visualisation



Positive visualisation


This is a great tool to create a mindset where you can achieve your goals and become a better version of yourself. 

While it can be powerful, it should be complemented by action, effort, and a realistic understanding of the challenges involved in achieving your goals. At CCMCS, we achieve this though guided meditation, helping you to relax and find a positive scenario, which you can reinforce in your mind, embracing positive images of the situation, and how you are going to achieve this.

The session takes around 50-60 minutes, during which you are guided through mental states, unconscious minds, goals and what you want to achieve. This helps to enhance inner strength and focus, relationships and your personal life, helping you to live a more productive and positive life.





Positive visualisation helps with:

It is important to note that counselling is a collaborative process, and its effectiveness varies depending on each individual case. Contact me directly to see if counselling is the right approach for you.

Increased motivation

Positive visualisation can enhance your motivation by mentally rehearsing and experiencing success. It can help you maintain focus and stay committed to your goals.

Boosted confidence

Visualising positive outcomes can improve your self-belief. As you repeatedly envision yourself succeeding, you develop a positive mindset that supports your efforts.

Reduced anxiety and stress

Engaging in positive visualisation can help alleviate anxiety and stress by shifting your focus from negative or worrisome thoughts to positive possibilities. 


Enhanced performance

Visualising successful performances or actions can improve your actual performance in various areas, such as sports, public speaking, or creative endeavours. 

Improved resilience

Positive visualisation can strengthen your resilience by creating a positive mental framework, and help with overcoming obstacles and, fostering a resilient mindset.